2012 A Good Year; 2013 into the Unknown


Another year over.

Despite the tough times we are experiencing, we at tmi business management continue to survive and thrive. For that we would like to sincerely thank all our clients for their new and continued business in the year. We worked on various tours during the year – Guns n’ Roses, Lady Gaga, Madonna, MIKA, Sting – in what was a busy year in touring. We hope we at least met your expectations and in some cases maybe exceeded them. We will continue to strive to do our very best for you.

2013 will be a year where tax authorities will likely look to maximize their tax take from visiting artists and may look to re-visit past years. We look forward to the battle.

Don’t forget that we are experienced at production accounting on tours and also assisting on the management of the production itself. Remember that much of a tours costs are tied up in production costs and control and reporting on a regular basis is vital to ensure a successful result. This is something which you are in a position to control. We are here to help.

We wish you a successful 2013.


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