Services from tmi business management

  • Tour Planning and Management
  • Production Services
  • Tour Financial Management
  • International Tour Taxation Advice
  • Production Accounting
  • Tour Accounting
  • Country-specific debriefs on tour-related taxation issues

The level of financial expertise provided depends on your artist’s tour and what it requires.

We have worked with both mega-stars and with baby bands on their first steps into touring. We understand the issues that business manager and artist manager face on every tour, regardless of size.

We will set up and administer 100% effective and totally efficient tour financial management and accounting. Contact us for a free assessment of your next tour’s financial needs. Removing the pain and stress is tmi business management’s area of expertise. We’ll even help you to avoid future headaches with our detailed tour report, featuring a comprehensive analysis of your tour’s performance.

tmi business management will take care of :

  • Tour Planning and Control
  • Production Services
  • Production cost and Show cost Budgeting and Control
  • Contract review/negotiations
  • Promoter deals, vendor deals, staffing contracts
  • Cash management incl. foreign currency
  • Insurance coverage
  • Tour accounting and bookkeeping
  • Payroll administration for entourage and crew
  • Vendor payables
  • Receivables collection
  • Tour Settlement review and Reporting

tmi business management is proud to have a strategic partnership with SOS – Satellite Office Services, LLC.

SOS is an excellent company which provides a full range of logistical support for large-scale international concert tours, festivals, and corporate / special events. Two of their core services include Travel and Immigration Visas but SOS is far more than just a standalone Travel Agency or Visa Consultant.

A short list of some of the services SOS commonly provide includes:

  • Travel Booking – Flights (Commercial & Charter), Hotels, Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning Management and Budgeting
  • Immigration / Entertainment Visa Processing
  • Project Pre-Production Planning / Tour Setup
  • Tour / Festival Advance
  • Tour Riders
  • Itineraries / Tour Books
Satellite Office Services, LLC (SOS) can be contacted on